Durango Bluegrass Meltdown | April 12, 13, & 14, 2019

Previous Lineups

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Previous Lineups

Earl Brothers

The Earl Brothers were a highlight of the 2014 Durango Bluegrass Meltdown. (photo by Dave Harrison)


Bluegrass Patriots, Bar-D Wranglers, Elliott’s Ramblers, Heart & Soul, The Razors, Hired Hands, Grass Cats, Hillbilly West, True Blue, Fret Knot, Blue Moon Ramblers, Bluegrass Tonight, The Goatheads, Wild Geese, Blanco Basin Band



Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, Blue Highway, Richard Greene and The Grass Is Greener, String Fever, Elliott’s Ramblers, Heart & Soul, White Lightning, Bayou Seco, Fat Cactus, Blue Moon Ramblers, Beltaine, Fret Knot, Blanco Basin, Bill and Bonnie Hearne



Northern Lights, Austin Lounge Lizards, Nickel Creek, Elliott’s Ramblers, Black Rose, The Flying Dogs, Cross Creek, High Plains Tradition, The Tylers, The Grass Cats, Local Legends, The Banded Geckos, The Living Rumors, Trail Hands, Big Sage, Pagosa Hot Strings, Beltaine, Hillbilly West, Blue Moon Ramblers, Sid Hausman and the High Plains Drifters, Flying South



Nashville Bluegrass Band, Chris Jones and the NightDrivers, String Fever, Bluegrass Patriots, Tony Furtado, The Flying Dogs, High Plains Tradition, The Tylers, The Fiddling Foresters, Bar-D Wranglers, Local Legends, The McCools, Wild Sage, Frayed Knot, Blanco Basin Boys, Frontier Bluegrass, Pagosa Hot Strings, Blue Moon Ramblers, Frog Mountain



Lynn Morris Band, James King Band, Wild and Blue, Rhonda Vincent and The Rage with Ron Spears, Shady Creek, Bruce Hayes & Ragged Mountain, Higher Ground, Fret Knot, Close To Home, The Badly Bent, Pagosa Hot Strings, Frayed Knot, Walking Stix, Red Mesa Rounders, Frontier Bluegrass, Blue Moon Ramblers, The Lindells, Beltaine



Jeff White Band, Kathy Kallick Band, Bluegrass Patriots, Flying Dog Bluegrass Band, Cheyenne Lonesome, Credibility Gap, Bar-D Wranglers, Pagosa Hot Strings, Fret Knot, Red Mesa Rounders, Wing and a Prayer, Keltika, The Badly Bent, Blue Moon Ramblers, Out to Lunch, Erosion of Values, Frontier Bluegrass, Deep Blue Creek, Floodplain Gang



Front Range, Ron Spears and Within Tradition, Bluegrass, Etc., Lost Highway, Elliott’s Ramblers, Higher Ground, Black Rose, Out to Lunch, The Badly Bent, Quickdraw, Blue Moon Ramblers, Pagosa Hot Strings, Stoney Creek Ramblers, Erosion of Values, Beltaine, Deep Blue Creek, Buckshot Party



Dale Ann Bradley and Coon Creek, Missy Raines and Jim Hurst, Chris Jones and the NightDrivers, Pete and Joan Wernick, The Reeltime Travelers, The Cantrells, Cheyenne Lonesome, Fret Knot, Keltika, Sweet Pine Quartet, Big Timbre, Fryingpan Bluegrass Band, Pagosa Hot Strings, The Badly Bent, Blue Moon Ramblers, Down The Road, Deep Blue Creek, Stoney Creek Ramblers, The Magpies, Bar-D Wranglers



Bluegrass, Etc. with Byron Berline, Bluegrass Intentions, Steep Canyon Rangers, Hickory Project, Mark Johnson and Emory Lester, Hit & Run with Gene Libbea, Higher Ground, Mountain Heritage, Sweet Sunny South, Beltaine, The Badly Bent, Blue Moon Ramblers, Sand Sheff & Friends, The Magpies, Down the Road, Stoney Creek Ramblers, The Salty Dogs, Deep Blue Creek, Bluegrass Cadillac, Blue Night



Reeltime Travelers, Alan Munde Gazette, David Davis and the Warrior River Boys, The Bluegrass Patriots, Flying Dog Bluegrass Band, Elliott’s Ramblers, Fret Knot, Big Timbre, The Lone Pine Bluegrass Band, The Badly Bent, Blue Moon Ramblers, Down the Road, The Magpies, Deep Blue Creek, Sand Sheff and Friends, Stoney Creek Ramblers, Foxfire Bluegrass Band, Bluegrass Cadillac, Bar-D Wranglers, Beltaine



BlueRidge, Dan Paisley and the Southern Grass, Special Consensus, Hit & Run Bluegrass, The Stanleytones, Coal Creek Bluegrass Band, Sweet Sunny South, Hot Lunch Bluegrass Band, Raising Cane, The Badly Bent, Broke Mountain, Blue Moon Ramblers, The Magpies, Down the Road, Rock & Rye, Greg Ryder and Friends, Old Time Jam Band, Outta Hand String Band, Tuscan Raiders, Bluegrass Cadillac, Foxfire Bluegrass Band, Howard Cattle Company, Round the House, Beltaine



Steep Canyon Rangers, Open Road, Chatham County Line, Foghorn Stringband, The Stringdusters, Sally Van Meter and Friends, Jake Schepps and Expedition, Raising Cane, Palmer Divide, Black Dog Crossing, Sweet Sunny South, Skean Dubh, The Badly Bent, Rock & Rye, Down the Road, The Magpies, Bar-D Wranglers, Foxfire Bluegrass Band, Outta Hand String Band, Blue Moon Ramblers, Howard Cattle Company, Greg Ryder and Friends



Lou Reid and Carolina, John Reischmann and the Jaybirds, The Stairwell Sisters, Credibility Gap, Lonesome Traveler Bluegrass Band, Burnett Family Bluegrass, Cold Creek, The Badly Bent, Rock & Rye, Foxfire Bluegrass Band, Down the Road, Outta Hand String Band, Howard Cattle Company, Tim Sullivan, Blue Moon Ramblers, Galloping Gooses, Cronin Valley Crooks



The Jim Lauderdale Bluegrass Band, The Infamous Stringdusters, Chris Stuart and Backcountry, The Bluegrass Patriots, Sweet Sunny South, Spring Creek, The Blue Canyon Boys, The Badly Bent, The Bar-D Wranglers, Mondragon, Blue Moon Ramblers, Rock and Rye, Down the Road, Howard Cattle Company, Deep Blue Creek, Waiting on Trial, Ranger Rick and the Swamp Things



Kenny and Amanda Smith, Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice, Sawmill Road, Chance McCoy and the Appalachian String Band, Steve Smith and Hard Road with Bill Evans, Finders and Youngberg, The Burnett Family Bluegrass Band, The Coal Porters, Dehlia Low, Bar-D Wranglers, Knockabouts, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, The Badly Bent, Rock and Rye, Down the Road, Wild Mountain, Sourmash String Band, Blue Moon Ramblers, Waiting on Trial, Silver Mountain String Band



Audie Blaylock and Redline, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, Town Mountain, Gold Heart, Riley Baugus with the Stuart Brothers, Finders and Youngberg, Blue Canyon Boys, Duke City Swamp Coolers, Whistle Stop, Antero Junction, The Badly Bent, Bar D Wranglers, Wild Mountain, Waiting on Trial, Blue Moon Ramblers, Under the Radar, San Juan String Band, The Scrugglers, Jack Ten High, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, Patrick Crossing and Giants Dance


Sierra Hull and Highway 111, Mashville Brigade, Avery County, The Freight Hoppers, Bluegrass Patriots, Loose Cannon Bluegrass Band, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, Mountain Holler, Duke City Swamp Coolers, The Knockabouts, Giants Dance, Patrick’s Crossing, Bar D Wranglers, Waiting on Trial, The Scrugglers, Wild Mountain, San Juan String Band, Blue Moon Ramblers, Old North State, The A-Men, Whistle Stop, Jack Ten High, Salt Lick Scramblers, Rock and Rye, Big’ns


Charlie Sizemore, Chatham County Line, Cahalen Morrison and Eli West, The Frieght Hoppers, Run Boy Run, Dr. Harlan’s Amazing Bluegrass Tonic, The Lost Pines, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, Waiting on Trial, Six Dollar String Band, Bluegrass Cadillac, Wild Mountain, Salt Lick Scramblers, Missionary Ridge, The Scrugglers, Whistle Stop, Rusted Prarie, Bar D Wranglers, Blue Moon Ramblers, The Stetler Brothers


New Reeltime Travelers, Larry Gillis and Hard Driving Swampgrass, James Reams and the Barnstormers with Blaine Sprouse, Bluegrass 101, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, Long Road Home, Steel Pennies, Kantankerous, Sand Sheff Trio, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, Bar D Wranglers, Waiting On Trial, Wild Mountain Ramblers, Six Dollar String Band, Robin Davis Unit, Sweetwater String Band, Bluegrass Cadillac, Missionary Ridge, The Scrugglers, Bluemoon Ramblers, Sugar Creek, Mudflaps, Running Out of Road, Chokecherry Jam, The Flume Canyon Boys, Porchlight Revue, Whispers of the North


Blue Highway, Town Mountain, The Earl Brothers, Ruined Nation Boys, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, The Railsplitters, Benny “Burle” Galloway and Jordan Ramsey, Stray Grass, Pick and Holler, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, The Knockabouts, Makhbeth, Jim Lynch, Giants Dance, Sweetwater String Band, Sugar Creek, Loose Change, Running Out of Road, San Juan String Band, Six Dollar String Band, The Badly Bent, Lawn Chair Kings, Bluegrass Cadillac, Clods, Chokecherry Jam, Last Nickel, Blue Moon Ramblers, Chicken Strange, The Scrugglers, Whispers of the North


Balsam Range, Shawn Camp, The Special Consensus, Rebecca Frazier and Hit and Run, Finnders and Youngberg, The Railsplitters, Locust Honey String Band,  Caribou Mountain Collective, Jon Stickley Trio, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, Six Dollar String Band, Running Out of Road, La La Bones, Lawn Chair Kings, Sugar Creek, The Badly Bent, Sand Sheff, Last Nickel, Loose Change, Liver Down the River, Lost Souls, The Blue Moon Ramblers, and Chokecherry Jam


Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley, Chris Henry and the Hardcore Grass, Sideline, Wood & Wire, Foghorn Stringband, Mipso, Songs of the Fall, Spring Fever Bluegrass, Robin Davis Duo, Steel Pennies, Grant Farm, Burle and the No Brainers, Colorado College Bluegrass Ensemble, Six Dollar String Band, Running Out of Road, The Badly Bent, La La Bones, Lawn Chair Kings, Last Nickel, Lost Souls, The Blue Moon Ramblers, Fellowship of the Strings, and Bluegrouse


Town Mountain, David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition, Danny Barnes with Grant Gordy and Joe K. Walsh, Kathy Kallick Band, The Freight Hoppers, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, Ragged Union, Rapidgrass, Savage Hearts, Quicksand Soup, Colorado College Bluegrass Music Ensemble, Six Dollar String Band, Running Out of Road, The Badly Bent, La La Bones, Lawn Chair Kings, Last Nickel, Lost Souls, The Blue Moon Ramblers, Clods, Chokecherry Jam, Fellowship of the Strings, Bluegrouse, Secondhand Strings, The Scrugglers, StillHouse Junkies