La La Bones sprouted in Durango during the summer of 2014. At first glance, La La Bones is reminiscent of a traditional 5-piece bluegrass band, passing around breaks and harmonizing melodies. With a closer look, viewers can see how they draw inspiration from a myriad of music genres, ranging from punk, pop, and bluegrass. Viewers can also enjoy the songwriting and vocal skills of all band members, as each individual brings original music to the table.

La La Bones recorded their first self-titled album in 2016, an 11-track record of originals. In 2020, the band will record their second album. La La Bones is Kyle Siesser on guitar, Tommy Frederico on banjo, Kathy Hilimire on fiddle, Scott Roberts on mandolin, and Jimi Giles Davis on bass.

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