The Kody Norris Show

The Kody Norris Show

The Kody Norris Show is a well-crafted performance that has wowed audiences throughout the continental United States and abroad. The show harkens back and tips a hat to the performances of the Grand Ole Opry and a bit of Vaudeville. Top-notch picking is center stage, but humor and visual flash are part of the entertaining package. Always clad in colorful, tailored suits adorned with rhinestones, ties, classic hats, and ornate boots, the band earns its moniker as a “show.” The band is traditional, clean-cut, acoustic, and always entertaining.

The foursome is fronted by Norris on guitar and his fiddling “sweetie,” Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris, Josiah Tyree on banjo, and Cousin Charlie Lowman on bass.

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