Basin & Grange

Basin & Grange

Basin & Grange is a five-piece acoustic band that shares a love for traditional bluegrass and old-time melodies along with the creative spirit for taking this music in new directions. This combination of innovation and conservation inspires the band’s name. “Basin and Grange” evokes the vast and beautiful region of the American West (the Basin & Range), home to the band, and a symbol of exploration and freedom. “Range” is playfully adapted to “Grange”, calling to mind the country roots of this group’s music.

Basin & Grange won 1st Place in the Durango Meltdown’s inaugural band competition with a song selection featuring the band’s tight vocal harmonies and original song compositions. Past bookings include the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association’s local concert series, Murray’s acoustic concert series, Summit County Fair, and other events in the Salt Lake City area.

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