Smelter Mountain Boys

Smelter Mountain Boys

Since they were founded, Smelter Mountain Boys have become known in the Four Corners area for traditional bluegrass with tight instrumentation and high vocal harmonies. A friend once said, “if you’re looking for a name for your bluegrass band and nobody has done it yet, name it after the mountain right outside of town. Smelter Mountain Boys were formed to play the Meltdown band showcase in 2018 after local pickers started playing traditional bluegrass on Corey Clark’s front porch with the mountain just outside of town overhead. Over the years, the group has become a collective of local musicians, with many of the local bluegrass community having sat in or been part of the band. They focus on a North Carolina-style straight-up bluegrass and mountain music with plenty of Colorado-style improvisation mixed in.

This Meltdown’s edition combines the core members Corey Clark on banjo and lead vocals, Steve Labowskie on upright bass, and Eli Emmitt on guitar, along with Joel Denman on fiddle and Brian Ahearn on mandolin for this year’s Meltdown performance.

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