Bluegrouse. Hmm. Is it a bird? A spelling error? A band? Let’s say a combination of all three. These peeps have been playing music in various Durango area bands throughout the years. But just like birds of a feather, band buddies eventually find each other. Since 2015, Bluegrouse has been delivering their spirited, high-energy musicianship and outstanding vocal harmonies to audiences of all ages.  Combining bluegrass favorites, folk, country, and swing, they offer something for everyone to enjoy. These folks know how to have fun both on and off stage. So tap your feet, sing along, or get up and dance – Bluegrouse invites you to be part of their musical journey.

Bluegrouse is Carol Calkin, fiddle/vocals; Jonti Fox, bass/vocals; Laurie Swisher, guitar/vocals; and Jester Wilton, mandolin/vocals.

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